Christmas with Elephant

Here at Elephant bean bags we love Christmas and by love we mean love! Everything about Christmas, the smells the textures the atmosphere the giving the receiving of gifts. The cosy nights in beside the fire to the nights out with friends and family.

The run up to Christmas here at Elephant is very busy! Our usual delivery times differ this time of year so please expect 2 to 3 days delivery time. We send out a tracking number to your email address so you can track your order through that. You can always call us to check your delivery also.

 At Elephant we take Christmas as a time to appreciate all we have and all we have done. Christmas is not just a time for receiving gifts but it is a time to also give gifts, including giving to yourself. Christmas at Elephant beanbags HQ is a magical time as we have special arrangements for our Elephant products with Santa Clause! An Elephant beanbag is the perfect gift this Christmas as Father Christmas, Santa, St Nicholas, Santa Clause, Santy (what is he called in your home?) likes us to deliver our Elephant beanbags to all the girls and boys as he has the whole world to cover and we like to help him out!

So if you would like us to deliver to your little elf this Christmas remember to order before December 19th so we can deliver just in time for Christmas!