• How To Clean Your Elephant Beanbag.

    How To Clean Your Elephant Beanbag.

    Cleaning your Elephant! Ok so after your brand new Elephant beanbag arrives we don’t tend to think about the aftercare as it is being sat on, played on, slept on, used as an eating area, drinking area. Whatever it may be it is likely it is going to get grubby. Before I tell you our top tips for cleaning your Elephant beanbag, my first...
  • Covid 19 and Brexit

    Covid 19 and Brexit

    How Brexit affects us.  We have suspended shipping to the UK for now. If you want to place an order with us, please send an email and we can arrange a delivery for you. Please note you may be charged customs from the courier company. We only charge a standard delivery charge we do not add a custom charge on any of our products....
  • Christmas with Elephant

    Christmas with Elephant

    Here at Elephant bean bags we love Christmas and by love we mean love! Everything about Christmas, the smells the textures the atmosphere the giving the receiving of gifts. The cosy nights in beside the fire to the nights out with friends and family. The run up to Christmas here at Elephant is very busy! Our usual delivery times differ this time of year...
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