Corporate Rental of Elephant Beanbags

At Elephant we now offer rental of our Elephant beanbags for corporate clients, whether it’s a Summer or Christmas party, a one off event or conference, Elephant beanbags will be a funky and colourful alternative to traditional seating.

Our products are made from 100% nylon material so it makes them very durable and suitable for use both indoor and outdoor.

Elephant beanbags are available in a wide range of alluring colours so we can easily match to our clients colour requirements.

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Bean Bag Rental Ireland

Corporate Branding Service

Get your brand on an Elephant!

If you are looking for some beanbag seating for your office, school or library look no further than the Elephant beanbags range. All our beanbags are made from 100% nylon material so can easily customised for each client’s requirements.

We use cutting edge techniques for our corporate branding services ensuring the product will be produced to the highest possible standard.

We can produce beanbags of any size, shape, colour or material required, all made to the high standard that you would expect from Elephant.

Elephant beanbags work great in offices, canteens, for brain storming sessions and they are a great way for employees to relax while still in the work environment.

For all enquiries about our Corporate Branding Services please ‘Contact Us