Cleaning your Elephant

So after your brand new Elephant beanbag arrives we don’t tend to think about the aftercare as it is being sat on, played on, slept on, used as an eating area, drinking area. Whatever it may be it is likely it is going to get grubby.

Before I tell you our top tips for cleaning your Elephant beanbag, my first tip is to clean as you go (saves the amount of elbow grease).



I have used everything on the Elephants I have at home. Including bleach.

Felt tip pens and Biro marks. I use a baby wipe (any brand).

Mud and general dirt. You can use hot soapy water. I use either detergent or washing up liquid.

If you notice stains and have no idea how they have got there, or what they are you can simply use a kitchen spray and a cloth.

Where the public are using the Elephants over a few days it is hard to keep them clean.

I use the steam cleaner! I steam clean the whole bag (no need to empty the beads out) Before the steam has dried I use hot soapy water and a lot of elbow grease and scrub them until they are clean.

We have had some customers who have not used their Elephant beanbags in some time as they have been left outside or in the garage, and they have become particularly filthy, for want of a better word. Can I  suggest to store them inside during the winter if space allows. Bleach or Milton. Works a treat. You can steam clean them and hot water and Milton or bleach will get most of dirt out.


Side notes

Our Elephant dog beds come with an outer cover that can be put in the washing machine. Only use a max 30 degree wash for your Elephant dog bed.

Our Nylon material Elephant jumbo and juniors are waterproof therefore any spillage of drinks should be easily cleaned with a cloth.

We hope this helps!