Elephant beanbags have been specially designed to provide a versatile & comfortable seating option to any area, for any age, whether it be to encourage reading in a library or to bring a splash of colour & fun to a classroom, Elephant beanbags are a perfect addition to any learning space.

Made from 100% nylon material, they are both extremely durable and easy to wipe clean, with a wide range of colours and sizes available, Elephant beanbags are sure to spark any imagination!

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In balancing their bodies on an Elephant beanbag, children alleviate stress and relaxation techniques can be practised perfectly. Unlike normal furniture our Elephant beanbags countour to every inch of the body whichsupports the spine and benefits posture.


Elephant beanbags offer children a comfortable space to wind down, the comfort of a bean bag allows children to focus, in doing this take in new information and relax. By relaxing on our beanbags children’s minds are free to learn. It allows children and adults alike to talk and listen in a relaxed calming environment.


The ‘wellbeing’ initiative plays a vital role in promoting positive mental health and coping skills for children. The introduction of mindfulness and meditation practices in the classroom can be hugely enhanced by the addition of one of our Elephant beanbags.


In addition studies have shown that bean bags can also provide therapy for autistic children with sensory processing difficulties. These therapies often weight-bearing our Elephant beanbags are an in expensive therapeutic tool Additionaly, it also enables them to experience new textures.


We offer very competitive rates to all schools and other educational programs. We have Elephant bean bags to suit all budgets.


Elephant beanbags provide many impressive health benefits, our beanbag create a therapeutic comfortable support as their versatile design allows you to lie, lounge, sit orshare elimenating stress and helping both children and adult relax.