Olefin Outdoor Material - What is Olefin material?

Olefin is a new fabric used for outdoor furniture, beanbags and cushions.

While nylon and polyester ae safe choices when it comes to outdoor seating, there is one material the outperforms them in terms of durability, stain and water resistance and comfort. That fabric is olefin.

Enough talk, what Is Olefin Fabric?


It’s the Eco-Friendly Choice

The process of producing olefin involves very little by-product. This means that the ingredients used to create the fabric are completely used. Nothing needs to be thrown away, recycled, or processed.

Incredible Strength

Olefin is produced using a thick weave so compared to other, weaker natural fabrics or those with a loose weave, olefin is used to create products that operate in tough environments. This includes all thing outdoor like rugs, cushions and even wall coverings.

Incredible strength means many years of use and lets face it as a company based on the west coast of Ireland, olefin has withstood everything the Irish climate has to throw at it!

It’s Water-Resistant

Because the fibers found in olefin fabric are synthetic, they are incredibly moisture resistant.

Lets talk rain, olefin is incredibly moisture resistant, the fibers found in olefin are synthetic meaning that the material will repel and wick moisture. Rain droplets will sit on the on the material rather than allowing water to seep in. Olefin also has super fast drying times as the the olein material prevents moisture from seeping into the material. four seasons in one day, no problem for olefin!

Durability | Abrasion Resistant

As mentioned above, the olefin material is a tough tight weave material. It is perfect for using on abrasive settings such as paving.

Mould and Mildew Resistant

As mentioned above, as the olefin fabric dries very quickly. This in turn does not allow dampness to manifest which eliminates the chance of mould developing.

It’s Stain Resistant

Typically suborn spills that may stain loose weave material will not affect the tight weave olefin material. 

Colour and Patterns Won’t Fade

You already know that olefin fabrics are made to be heavy-duty and durable, as well as resistant to threats like mould, mildew, and moisture. But this isn’t the only reason that products made from olefin last so long.

As we mentioned previously, olefin is dyed while still in the production stage. The solution dye is added to the chemicals before or during the melting process. This means that colours are locked in tight.

Once dyed and finished, the olefin fibres can be woven to create patterns. But whether you choose a solid coloured product made from olefin or a pattern, you’ll get a fabric that won’t dull or fade over time. Your products will stay sharp and bright for years to come, even if they are left in direct sunlight.