Beanbags for your office, 4 reasons why it's a great idea!

While you might not want to admit it, especially if you designed it yourself, there could be a bunch of things your employees don’t like about your office. With the wrong furniture, you could be hampering creativity and making your employees feel cramped and stuffed into a box, literally and conceptually. Office bean bags can give your employees some flexibility that will change their attitude in the office.

Here are five reasons why you should try adding office bean bags to your work environment.

  1. No Wasted Space

One of the biggest expenditures for any company has to be how much they pay for real estate. If you’re not finding ways to conserve space at your location, you’re not making the most of what you have.

Office beanbags are great because they’re easy to move and can be piled in different parts of your space, especially our Elephant Jumbo. If you want to have a convertible space, you can put bean bag chairs in a closet and leave a space open for presentations or for hosting guests. When it’s time to show a video or to have a casual conversation, you can pull out some big bean bag chairs.

You might have a tough time arranging to seat in a smaller facility with standard chairs and tables. With ordinary furniture, you’re going to spend more and use more space.

Bean bags can be arranged in rows, in informal circles for conversations, or quickly rearranged in a large circle to host chats in the center. Whatever kind of space you have, you need to optimize it and make the most of it. Beanbag chairs allow you to get a lot out of your space without a big investment.

  1. Save Money

As alluded to above, one of the biggest problems that small businesses have is managing their budget. Making smart budgetary decisions can ensure that your business thrives year after year. Along with staffing and labor costs, furniture and equipment will be one of the biggest line items in your budget.

Compared to traditional furniture, beanbag chairs will be much less expensive. You’ll get a lot more seating for your budget if you opt for them over regular chairs. You can expect your beanbags to last almost as long as your chairs with very little maintenance required.

When you buy traditional chairs, you might be expected to assemble them and to maintain them. Since they’re often very heavy, you’ll pay huge shipping fees just to get them to your office. They’ll also require constant maintenance to assure that they maintain the same level of comfort and safety as they did from day one.

Beanbags don’t require any of that. Since they’re made with very simple materials, they can be refilled with different material over and over, as needed. All that you need to maintain is the cover around them. When that starts to age, you can replace the covers with newer material and have a comfortable new-feeling beanbag chair in a matter of minutes.

  1. They’re Multipurpose

Your bean bag chairs don’t have just one purpose. Since they can be arranged in a variety of ways, they can be used anywhere in your office. If you prefer to use a bean bag chair rather than your standard desk chair for a day, it’s easy to plop one down.

What’s great about beanbag chairs is that they look cool and comfortable in just about any environment. You might find that they make everyone friendlier to one another when used in your conference room. They might be good for a friendly informal meeting or in the lounge area where everyone has their lunch.

Since they can fit just about anywhere, they can serve as a multipurpose chair for any kind of setting. When you use bean bag chairs, you can fit lots of seating in the smallest of spaces.

Fixed furniture will have your employees feeling nailed down to the ground. They might not feel like their ideas can spring outside of the box when they feel crammed into one. A conference can turn into a scrum, which turns into a one on one meeting with the help of beanbag chairs.

  1. They Add To Employee Comfort

When your employees feel comfortable, they work more productively, listen better, and collaborate better. Adding to the comfort of your employees ensures that they can feel relaxed and work better together.

When employees feel uncomfortable, they might lose focus or not work as efficiently. Adding office beanbags can give them a level of comfort they might not expect at work.

Your employees can sit wherever they want in the office with beanbag chairs. Productivity can happen spontaneously in any space when employees feel comfortable.

You might find that it inspires their creativity. Creative seating can give your employees freedom that allows them to feel open to express themselves. When seated on rigid and firm seating, you might find that the feedback and ideas that you’re getting are boring and rigid.

That can change when your employees have office beanbags anywhere in the office. When they need to step away to concentrate, they can take seating with them to the corner of the office. If they need to put together a quick huddle to talk about a project, that can happen in a flash with beanbag chairs.

Office Bean Bags Can Bring Welcome Changes

If you bring in some office bean bags to a stuffy and tired work environment, you might see attitudes change overnight. You can help inspire collaboration, creative solutions, and a collegial environment that can help you tackled your hardest projects. It could surprise you how much more can get done just by changing the seating in your office.