There’s an Elephant in the room!

Elephant Bean Bags provide an unconventional seating solution that will instantly inject a fun and comfy feel into your lounge, seating or chill out area.

Aside from kicking back and relaxing on them, it’s often difficult to know how to make the most out of your Elephant throughout the year – you won’t believe how practical and versatile they are.

Here’s a number of ways that you can sink into your Elephant day to day and reap the benefits of the thousands of tiny beads that mould into the shape of your body.

Perfect for parties

Whether you’re accommodating little bums or big bums at parties, providing comfortable seating is sometimes an issue. After all, there is only so many bodies that can you can physically cram onto your sofa, and we all don’t have a magical supply of dining chairs that we can pull out of the garage or garden shed.

Elephant Bean Bags are great for scattering in a range of living environments, providing a welcoming seating area within your home.  As well as looking good, they will also provide your guests with a supportive seat that will allow them to chill out in comfort and style. They can also be stored away in your loft or spare room to pull out and use when you please.

Particularly popular with little ones, they are perfect for scattering at children’s parties, providing a safe base for gaming, playing and watching TV. They also allow kids to move freely, positioning their bodies as they please on the bag.  

You won’t even have to worry about sticky fingers leaving behind any mess as they can be wiped clean easily.

Small and big kids love them!

Take your Elephant bean bag outdoors

As soon as the slightest ray of sunshine tries to break through the clouds, we’re all itching to get outside and soak up even the slightest glimpse of sunshine.

If you love to be outdoors, Elephant Bean Bags are a great seating solution that will allow you to embrace the benefits of outdoor living. Enormous in size, they provide the ideal base to sunbathe, chill out and entertain family and friends, as well as providing extra seating at those annual summer barbeques.

Whether you’re lying or sitting on them, they mould into the shape of your body, and are even perfect for sharing!

Teenage Hangouts

Fed up of your teenagers moaning that they don’t have a comfy base to chill out in with their mates?

With their cool, contemporary feel and bold vivid colours, Elephant Bean Bags will instantly transform your kid’s hangout area into an inviting and welcoming hub.

They also come in all shapes and sizes, prints and designs. This means that it’s easy to find an Elephant that will complement your existing décor. Available in a range of bold and vivid prints, for maximum impact why not mix and match – they look great when grouped and scattered all together.

Above all, you won’t have to worry about them chilling out with a pizza in front of the TV or delving into their favourite tub of ice cream – all of the Elephant range can be wiped clean after use.